New England on a Pedestal

100. Preview Trailer

September 09, 2021 Doug Season 1 Episode 0
New England on a Pedestal
100. Preview Trailer
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Welcome to the New England on a Pedestal preview! Learn a little bit about our podcast and what to expect from future episodes.

New England on a Pedestal: The Preview Trailer

Hey! What’s up? Hello from the new kid on the podcast block!

My name is Doug Farquharson and I’ll be the primary host for this podcast. I thought I’d take a few minutes to introduce New England on a Pedestal before our inaugural episode drops during the first week of October 2021. So far, all you know is the title of the podcast and the devilishly handsome host’s name. There are thousands, well, probably even millions of podcasts out there to choose from. So why add us to your subscribed list?

Well, let’s see what we have to offer and what we’re all about, shall we? As the title implies, we will be discussing things based in New England. It is one of the earliest settled parts of the United States and as such has a long and deep history with tons of stories to be told. It is inhabited by all kinds of people who do all kinds of things and come from all walks of life. We hope to tell some of their stories. Some of our episodes will be more serious while others will hopefully be whimsical. Some will cover just one subject or location while others may be theme based and take us to several places.

What kind of lens will we be looking through? How will we decide whose story will be told or what events will be covered? Well, I think that’s where New England on a Pedestal will stand out as being a little different from other podcasts. We will be finding our subject matter from all over New England. In the big cities and out in the small towns. Along the beautiful seacoast and along the winding scenic roads. And gathering inspiration from some things we have all probably stopped to look at from time to time and then they fade into the background. Some have been around for decades, perhaps even centuries. Others are much newer and modern. Some are privately owned in a collection, while others are in the public realm. They come in all sizes and are of different mediums. We will be visiting museums, parks, waterfronts, sporting venues, town commons, state parks, roadside attractions, rest areas, squares and rotaries, and all manner of other places in our quest.

If you give us a small part of your day, we will give you something fun and interesting to think about. Maybe you’ll be inspired to go visit some of the places we talk about. Maybe you’ll want to dig a little deeper and get a more in-depth view of someone or some place in our local history. Each episode will be around fifteen minutes or so. Long enough to tell a story, short enough to listen to when you are on your work commute or running errands or sitting on the beach.

As I mentioned, I will be the primary host of this podcast. However, from time to time, we will have a cohost or in some cases a guest host who may have a more personal connection to one of our episode’s subject matter. And hopefully, once you’ve listened to a few episodes, you’ll want to get more involved. We have been developing a large database of subject matter for future episodes, but we would love to hear about more from you. We are on social media. So like our Facebook page and subscribe to our Instagram. Engage with us there or send us an email at That’s New England on a Pedestal all one word at F A R Q I E dot com. Once you’ve tuned in and enjoyed a few episodes, it’ll be much clearer what we are looking for.

Or perhaps you have guessed it based on the podcast’s title and artwork. We aim to take a look at local New England history and stories based on the statues, monuments, and sculptures we find all around us. They all tell a story, and we think they deserve to be told. So often, the statues and memorials we pass by are just casually glanced at or easily fade into the background and we don’t think about why they are there in the first place. Hopefully, this podcast will bring those stories into the light of day.

I hope this little teaser has piqued your interest and you’ll tune in soon to New England on a Pedestal. We are wicked excited to get this show on the road! Until then, be well, be kind, and keep discovering.